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                                      Age Makes a                                              Difference, Baby

At Last! A place where codgers, geezers, and everyone else can find the inside scoop on recent and classic films.......AND LOTS MORE!

 New! 2024 Screenwriting Contest Winners!


I'm a geezer. I don't know how that happened so quickly, but it did and now at 71, this is who I                                   am. But a geezer who wants                               to write about films and                                         filmmaking from the                                             perspective of an older                                         person. Hence, Geezer Movies, a tribute to those 60 and up.


As part of my mission, I will be interviewing actors, directors, producers and agents of our age bracket, while culling the Internet for stories on these very same people. The initial interview

features venerable actor, Jonathan Pryce, who stars in The Wife (Sony Pictures), which opens this month, co-starring Glenn Close.


                           Finally, this site will speak to                                 filmmaking as an art to be                                     learned by geezers such as                                 myself. For too long, the                                       learning of the medium has                                 been thought of as the                courtesy of Sony Pictures       province of young folk. Now it's time to give the older generation a try. After all, if Clint Eastwood can still make films at 88, no

reason why the golden years can’t produce celluloid gold. In his latest production, The Mule,

Eastwood plays a 90 year-old.


You should know that I have some credentials    as both a film buff and a writer. I founded the Atlantic City Cinefest, a non-profit film festival held each October under the auspices of Downbeach Film Festival. We will be plugging the festival on these pages.


I've also been a journalist for more than 30 years, often writing about entertainment. And I've written half dozen screenplays suitable for human eyes, five of them features, most of them comedies. I have a few more in the works. Three novels, too. I expect to share some of the scripts on this site.


My co-conspirator in this endeavor, Ned Eckhardt, is a valuable member of the festival’s board of trustees. More to the point, he’s a retired professor from Rowan University’s Department of Radio, Television & Film and an author of some renown in the industry. And like me, he’s also a burgeoning screenwriter in his 70s.


Join us on this cool, interactive journey, and you never know where the road may lead. As they used to say back in the day: "What's the Story, Morning Glory?"




William Sokolic

Founder and Co-publisher, Geezer Movies,

a tribute to those 60 and up.

   This issue's INTERVIEW!
 An exclusive
 conversation with
 Blanche Baker
  (Sixteen Candles, Holocaust,
  Lolita, Nobody's Child, Taking
  Chances, The Hand Maid's
  Tale, Law and Order, and many more)

     This issue's BLOG

Emma Thompson

muses on her latest 

role as a tightly-wound

talk show host slowly

coming unraveled in

Late Show.

Emma T-Late Night.png

This issue's NEWS!

Cathy Moriarty's

new film, Shooting

Heroin, explores 

the dark side of 

opioid addiction.


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