It's time to get your Geezer on and write

the script you've been thinking about for

lo these many years. Geezer Movies

understands your dream and has a

special contest designed just for the over

60 crowd. 

All levels of writing are welcome. If you

are not sure of how to format a screenplay,

here is a link that explains just about all

you need to know.


Award-winning screenwriter and unfortunate Black List victim, Dalton Trumbo, relaxes in his favorite writing environment. 

photo courtesy Uncover Colorado.

New! 2020 Contest!

The 2019 Winners!  

Congratulations to all.

First Place  Seizure World -  Karen Tengwald

Second Place  Song of the Toadfish - David Hill

Third Place  Indian Billy Ice - Jerry Ice

Honorable Mention  Bastard - Tony Schweikle

Honorable Mention  Runaway Cruise - Theodore Carl Soderberg 

The following rules and guidelines apply to all 2020 entries



  • Must be 60 or over. Submit a copy of your driver's license with the script.

  • Script must be original. Any submitted work that is or has been optioned, published, produced or purchased is ineligible. Two-person collaborations are OK, if both writers are over 60.

  • Material submitted must be in English. 

  • We recommend original material be registered with the WGA or The Library of Congress.


Script specs:

Feature Film: 120 page max. PDF file

Short Film: 40 page max. PDF file

Deadlines and Entry Fees:

Regular: Aug. 1, 2020  $35

Late: Sept. 15, 2020  $45

E-mail scripts in an attached PDF file to this e-mail address:

All Entrants will receive Free Judge's Notes via e-mail 

Send check and driver's license copy to 

Geezer Movies

997 Sonesta Avenue NE 

Apt. Q106 

Palm Bay, FL. 32905.


3 award-winning Filmmakers/Screenwriters


Winner in each category

1. A Certificate of recognition. 

2. Cash Prizes for winners of the screenplay competition will be based on a percentage of entry fees. 

3. A reading and feedback by Feature Film Producer Scott Rosenfelt (Home Alone, Mystic Pizza, Teen Wolf and many other hit films.)

Second and Third Place in each category

1. A Certificate of recognition. 

Click this link to submit via Film Freeway


Meryl Streep (68) was nominated for an Oscar for her role in The Post (2018). Clint Eastwood (87!) won an Oscar for Directing Million Dollar Baby (2004) when he was 73.